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Caring for Your Patients & The Safe Use of Medication

If you are a medical doctor, nurse, homecare provider or an administrator of a health care facility, then you should be aware of the Medication Management program from Dale's Pharmacy.

Rather than sending your patient home with a list of medications with doses noted on the label, why not introduce them to the Medication Management program from Dale's Pharmacy. Introduction of this service to your patients will reduce their need to contact your office over uncertainties and concerns around the various medications they are prescribed. Dale's offers a free in-home consultation, and will deliver their meds weekly in a blister packaged, well labeled solution with each drug placed in its appropriate position based on dosages, time of day and set up daily per week.

As people age and become more dependent on multiple types of medication, it becomes harder for many to properly self-administer their own medications. In many cases, patients are seeing numerous doctors for varying issues with each doctor prescribing specific medications as well.

Managing doses, taking the right medicine at the right time, change in prescription are challenging to manage even for family and caregivers. The Medication Management program from Dale's Pharmacy is designed to ease the challenges for both the patient and the caregiver. Our pharmacists will come to the patient's home and meet with the family and begin to compile an accurate and complete pharmaceutical record. From there, our pharmacists will set up a program specific to the patient's need which includes weekly packaged medications, accurately sorted based on prescriptions for fool proof dispensing of medication and accurately labeled. Delivered in a blister package, split up by day and time, our Medication Management program minimizes the risk to the patient and gives peace of mind to family and caregivers.

Once the program is underway, Dale's will deliver the package weekly without any delivery charge. If there is a change in a patient's prescription, Dale's Pharmacy will adjust any current and future medication packages to reflect these new requirements. While there is no cost for changing medication packages, patients are only charged for drugs that have already been dispensed. As always, if there are ever any concerns, our pharmacists are just one phone call away.

Our Medication Management Program is accessible to families in the Greater Toronto Area, and to families in Markham north to Aurora. Just contact the nearest Dale's Pharmacy and we will be happy to set up an appointment.

  • From what is prescribed to accurate dispensing;
  • Patient education on side effects, drug to drug interaction, drug food interaction;
  • Reduces waste due to drug discontinuation and large quantities being destroyed;
  • Promotes better health – taking the right medication at the right dose allows care providers and prescribers to understand exactly how the medication is working as it is being consumed as prescribed;
  • Reduces the risk associated by seeing many different physicians as Dale's maintains a complete pharmaceutical record;
  • Easier for older adults who have hearing, cognitive or memory concerns;
  • Not limited to prescribed medications; also includes over the counter medications.


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